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‘When you are coming from a place of authenticity, the heart automatically opens and the light within that person shines outward, affecting and captivating all those that they come across because they are revealing their 'True Divine Beauty'.   - Theresa Kahn-O’Doherty 

Natural, authentic and empowered beauty comes from within your heart!  It exudes beauty and it can’t be mistaken for anything else.  If this is so, then if your heart is closed or covered in protection as a buffer from getting hurt, or that you feel other emotions, like shame, guilt, lack of confidence, etc. These are all emotions that prevents the heart from opening; you learn to set a defense mechanism in place, which stops you from seeing your own beauty, or the beauty of others, or even for others to see your beauty. 

Confucius states that:

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone can see it.” 

Is Confucius saying therefore, that true beauty is in the eye of the beholder?  This is just reinforcing the fact that it is important to see your own beauty before you can see that of the beauty in others, or the beauty that surrounds you daily and how important it is to come to accept that you are ‘beautiful just the way you are’!  In truth, this is so.

It takes courage and bravery to open yourself up to beauty fully, as it means you will find yourself being vulnerable at some stage. It is the vulnerability that may bring up fear, which prevent you from going further, to connect with your light within. You will want to strip away the layers and get to the root of that which is covering your heart, so that you can reveal the true beauty that lies within.  Once you can work through this, (with the guidance, support and assistance of a trained therapist/practitioner) and rid yourself of any defense mechanisms, then you will truly be able to connect to the beauty within, thus able to work, live and be your true Authentic Self, which is, in truth, perfect in every way. 

Imagine a lotus flower that starts to open, one petal at a time to reveal the light in the flower for all to behold – that is like when you start to open your heart, so that you can reveal and shine the light that is in your heart for all to see. That is your beauty and that is the beauty you are seeking. 

Part of the work you undertake to strip away the layers and allow the lotus blossom to open one petal at a time, is to learn to be confident with the person you have grown to be.  Why put in so much time and energy into being someone you are not, when in fact the person you are is the beautiful one to be.  If you can just be you and feel and see the beauty that you process, you will then allow others to see that beauty too. 
Remember that there will never be another you, sit and ponder on that thought, that there will never be another you. Doesn’t that strike you as a bold statement and stir up the e-motion to get things in motion to start searching for your own beauty, the light that shines within?  

Once you understand this concept, you won’t spend your time, energy and determination to be someone that you are not.  You will in fact, use all your power and might to learn to be that which you are, that is, unique, special and beautiful just the way you are, and once you start feeling that to be so, you will begin to light that spark within your heart.   You are you in perfect order.  

Did you know that your real beauty comes from inside and exudes out into your energy field, i.e. your aura?    The aura is what surrounds each one of us.  This energy displays your confidence, your state of being, so that those that are in your field, will pick up either consciously or unconsciously the energy that you are displaying.  So, wherever you are at with your beauty in terms of how you feel about yourself, it is extending outwards nevertheless, i.e. positive or not so positive. 

Someone who shines with confidence, self-belief and loves themselves, can love their outer beauty just the way they are, because they are in touch with their inner beauty.  Someone who appreciates and shines from their inner beauty will radiate the energy outwards from their heart, which in turn will help you to see beauty all around. To emphasis, therefore, you are beautiful just the way you are, and true beauty comes from within the heart!
There are many therapeutic interventions that help uncover ways to  and reveal your 'True Divine Beauty' so that you can radiate from your heart and  be the authentic, inspired role model that you are meant to be here on earth; shining your light.  

On offer (see side bar for this) are just some of the many therapeutic interventions that can support, guide and facilitate you to opening  'the lotus flower' one petal at a time so that you can radiate from your heart, thus, leaving you feeling confident and empowered to:

 'Be-ing the Authentic You, Shining Your Light'