Mind Higherheart  - Touching Mind and Heart

What can I say about me?....well I have always been interested in people, different cultures and religions for as long as I can remember – always interested in the human mind and all things spiritual (heart). Having been brought up with a family that was often travelling the world, never really staying in one place for very long, contributed to the sense of not belonging anywhere, but I always knew deep down that there was a connected whole....

The culmination of my early childhood and teenage years, living in different countries strengthened my belief that there was more to life than the 'straight forward conventional way' so I was a bit of a 'free spirit', never really fitting into the 'norm'. Throughout my journey in life – I've developed skills, knowledge and understanding equipping me to be in service helping others.

My training in education, etc. brought me to teaching in a Further Education College in London, England. Teaching students from various countries, cultures and religions. I was also a Coordinator of projects with the National Probation Service, numerous Local Communities and in the Health and Social Care Services – helping to bring education to those unable to 'fit into the more traditional way of learning'.

Part of my journey through life led me to open up to healing and studied Usui Reiki Healing for several years, eventually training to Master Teacher Level. Several years after that, I undertook training in Karuna®. I have been practising and teaching for many years now – always learning and opening more to this loving energy.

I am qualified in the instruction of several meditation techniques and practice daily. I also use meditation as a strategy for those clients experiencing stress and anxiety. Further training led me to Coaching and NLP, giving me further tools, techniques and strategies to help people to deal with change and challenges in relation to life, relationships, career and business.

Together with the above, I am a Co-Director of Calibre Gold Ltd. a Training,  Consultancy and Medico Legal Services Company.   Helping those in the workforce (individually and teams) to maximise levels of motivation, leadership and development. One of the more popular techniques that I implement is 'Mindfulness at Work' – which gives the individual ways to bring in mindfulness both at work and in their life in general.

Whichever method/s the client chooses to use; I create a 'safe space' enabling them to express what needs expressing and to 'peel away' that which is no longer working – to reveal more of their 'authentic self '.
A member of, and registered with:

  • Practitioner/ Master – Teacher with CTHA Embody
  • UK Reiki Federation
  • International Centre for Reiki Training, (USA) in Karuna ® and Usui Reiki
  • Institute for Learning

I continue to further my development in both 'mind' and heart' and to this end, I am dedicated in providing excellence in both my practice and teaching, thus providing a high quality and professional service to clients and students alike. Using my extensive skills, understanding and knowledge, I am able to promote progress, personal development and the embracing of change.