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"Theresa has worked with me from November of last year. Theresa's coaching has transformed my life into one of peace and joy.
I can now see things as they really are. I highly recommend Theresa -
her professional approach and her personal commitment delivers successful outcomes." 
Gerry, Senior Director of Civil Engineering Projects
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What is Coaching?
Ans:  Coaching for change/life/performance/stress/well-being has long been recognised as a highly effective means of addressing the many challenges and changes we have to deal with in the work-place, life, relationships and personal development.   It promotes improved performance of teams and individuals, and is particularly beneficial to those experiencing stress and fatigue.  During the coaching process you will develop a range of skills and strategies, enabling you to maximise your performance in a variety of settings.

Why might one consult a Coach?
Ans:  People would consult a coach for a whole range of reasons including: personal issues, relationship issues, work related performance issues, stress & anxiety, problem solving, career change, (or change in general) personal development, setting goals, acquiring new skills, decision making, time management, dealing constructively with change and maximising overall performance.

What methods are used in Coaching?
Ans:  Techniques used can include:

  • Problem Analysis
  • Problem Focused Counselling
  • Problem Solving Approaches
  • Time Management
  • Goal Setting (SMART)
  • Minimising Blocks to Personal Development
  • Stress Mapping
  • Assessing Consequences of Action/Inaction
  • Time Projection Imagery
  • Visualisation, Meditation and Relaxation Techniques, (for Stress & Anxiety)
  • Mindfulness for Everyday Living
  • Motivation and Coping Strategies
  • Cognitive Behaviour Coaching

Coaching over the telephone is becoming more and more popular and with ongoing advances in Information Technology, it is now easier than every before for people to access the service from almost anywhere in the world.  It is particularly helpful for people who feel unable, or prefer not to travel to a traditional face to face consultation.  Both private individuals and companies can access the service economically in this way.

 As long as you have reliable access to the internet and a webcam with microphone, setting up consultations via webcam is really straight-forward.  I currently work with a number of clients via webcam or telephone, that live internationally.

What are the  technical requirements?                                                                                        
Ans: All you need is a landline telephone that I can call you on if you prefer telephone Coaching.  For webcam Coaching, you need to have a webcam installed on your computer with a microphone.  You also need speakers (or a set of headphones connected) You will then need to download Skype (www.skype.com) and set yourself up with an account (the site is very user friendly) Finally, you will need to have a reliable connection to the internet via broadband.

What about Privacy and Confidentiality? 
 Ans: Telephone sessions are conducted in the privacy of my consulting room here in Central London.  You should also ensure that you have a quiet place in which to conduct the session.  If at any time, somebody else answers your phone, I will not discuss any of your personal issues with them.

When would sessions take place? 
Ans: In our initial consultation, we would agree a mutually convenient day and time to conduct the sessions.  Once agreed, sessions would normally need to take place at the same time each week.

What if I need to cancel a session?
Ans: I ask clients to give me at least 24 hours notice if they need to cancel or re-schedule a session.

How Can I Arrange for a Telephone Consultation?
Ans: Please complete the form on the 'Contact Me' page of this website.  You may also want to email or telephone me for further information or to book a session.

However, some people prefer face to face Coaching sessions...  please contact me:  theresa_higherheart@hotmail.com for further details and/or to arrange a booking.  Please take note:  you can also combine a Coaching session with either NLP or Reiki.  If you are interested, please ask about this offer.  

Please click on a link below to read further testimonials:  

"Theresa's coaching has helped me form a much clearer path as to where I want to go in life. I had been trying to decide what I wanted to do having been in a stressful and full on career path. I had a big problem with work-life balance and wanted to explore my options. Theresa first helped me by assessing the situation and giving me ideas on the different options I could take. She then assigned me 'tasks' every session which has enabled me to make great progress in the direction that I wished to go. Theresa is very knowledgeable about careers and business and is able to give you lots of great suggestions that will enable you to go and reach your full potential."
-James - Teacher

"I have always found that talking to someone who is objective and not judgemental has been a huge help in giving me focus in my life. As with all things it is necessary to find the right person; someone you feel cares and is not afraid to give an opinion and can help you find some peace. I always left Theresa's sessions feeling more calm and determined and she would give me a gentle push in directions which perhaps I would not have considered going on my own. I would certainly recommend her and her services to anyone who is prepared to take up the challenge of living their life to their fullest but could really use some practical and sympathetic support in doing this."      Nina - Dental Practice 


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