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Herein you will find information on the range of services that I provide, including, Life and Performance Coaching via face to face, telephone or Skype webcam. 

Information about Usui Reiki Certificated Courses and individual treatments that I provide in both London, England and Marbella Spain.  You will also find information about Karuna® Reiki and how to sign up for the next course.  

As an NLP Practitioner, having trained with Dr. Richard Bandler, (co-founder of NLP, I have included further information about NLP and how you can arrange an appointment via face to face, skype webcam or telephone.

Check out my new page - Talk, Mind and Heart Radio Interviews with Inspirational Teachers, Speakers and Therapist.  This is an exciting new page with downloadable Pod-casts.  

You can also purchase a copy of my published book:  'The Little Book of Life Changes'

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Touching Mind and Heart,

Theresa Kahn